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Impeachment Afterthoughts

The impeachment seemed liked a hail Mary from the inception, motivated more by rage than reason. That is precisely why the constitution designed the process as they did to start in the House and then move to the Senate.  Rather than viewed as a Constitutional crisis, it should be affirmed as its proper functioning. It does not become a threat to the constitutional order just because you disagree with the outcome.

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Angela Corey vs Alan Dershowitiz

From Angela Corey’s Checkered Past by Ian Tuttle in National Review: In June 2012, Alan Dershowitz, a well-known defense attorney who has been a professor at Harvard Law School for nearly half a century, criticized Corey for her affidavit in…

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The Left, The Right, and Israel

Alan Dershowitz writes in The Jerusalem Post The death of a liberal Israel lover, 2/4/13, thoughts on Ed Koch and the changing politics of Israel supporters. Excerpts: When Israel was established in 1948, it had the enthusiastic backing of the…

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Why Terrorism Works

Written by Alan Dershowitz post 911, Why Terrorism Works, gives a simple answer: because we reward it. Terrorism has earned the Palestinians recognition and legitimization.  Our response to terrorism has centered on fallacies that perpetuate the problem.  We have believed…

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Looking for Outrage in All The Wrong Places

I conducted a survey this morning.  I went into my office in Macon, Georgia and interviewed all 15 or so office workers.  They are engineers, sales people, accounting personnel, and purchasing agents.  All of them are at least high school…

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Dershowitz at AIPAC

tips to Bruce Tuchman “Israel (its medical technology) has saved more Muslim and Arab lives than all the Arab and Muslim nations combined.” a hell of a speech

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