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Understanding the Meltdown

(this was published previously in the Macon Telegraph) Being in the middle of a record economic crisis presents a rare learning opportunity.  Several books are worthwhile for those seeking to understand what just happened. Too Big to Fail by Andrew…

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Unlimited Fannie Mae

In several past postings reviewing the recent financial meltdown, I have noted the pivotal role played by Fannie Mae. A toxic mix of arrogance and incompetence infected Wall Street.  Bad political, monetary, and tax policy inflated the housing market bubble. …

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More Government = More Lobbyists

Are lobbyists that bad? If the government was about to make sheet-rock illegal because of bad or misguided information and you were in the sheet-rock or home-building business, wouldn’t you seek to persuade the lawmakers than their efforts were wrong?…

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Preserving Capitalism

I watched this interview with Eliot Spitzer by Fareed Zakaria from March of this Year on Zakaria’s show called GPS.  I was impressed with Spitzer’s view and his depth on the subject of the economic collapse.  (There are two other…

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