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Rational Delusion

We mortals pride ourselves as rational beings, but we act emotionally. We get attached to previous positions, and will discount or filter evidence rather than change our minds. We read the news for confirmation rather than information.  We are so…

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Who are the Independents?

In the wake of the elections  of November 3, 2008 we noted the dramatic swing of the independent voter.  Who are these voters and why do they refuse to ally themselves with one of the two major parties?  I confess…

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911 Memorial Unveiled…. in Jerusalem

What does it say that this memorial was unveiled in Jerusalem while we still have a hole int he ground?  Remember which side of the ‘fence’ this was built on. Tips to Letty Kaplan

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9/11 Aftermath

In the three months after 9/11 there were 1,000 extra traffic deaths in the U.S. We would surmise that the threat of flying caused more people to drive and that driving is much more dangerous than flying.  But the additional…

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Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

While mindless mantras kept advocating that we are LESS safe as a result of Bush’s anti terror policies, some of us could not ignore the absence of terror attacks on our soil after 9/11. One reason was a very deliberate…

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A Preference for Conspiracy

The ‘birthers’ have been derided as a part of the lunatic fringe of the right and appropriately so.  Like others who take fanatical positions, no amount of proof seem adequate.  Yet as Jeff Jacoby reminds us  in his column such…

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