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The Electoral College Reader

From Jeff Jacoby, In Defense of the Electoral College: It’s easy to score rhetorical points by claiming smugly that “the people chose Hillary Clinton,” but the American method of choosing a president has been in place for two centuries. The…

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Death by Diktat

from the editors at The Wall Street Journal, Trump and the Democrats: excerpts Blaming “white-lash” is silly—of the roughly 700 U.S. counties that Mr. Obama won twice, about one-third broke this time for Mr. Trump—but these cultural rationalizations are lamentable…

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Political Middlemen

From The Atlantic, How American Politics Went Insane by Jonathan Rauch The informal constitution’s intermediaries have many names and faces: state and national party committees, county party chairs, congressional subcommittees, leadership pacs, convention delegates, bundlers, and countless more. For purposes of this essay,…

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