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Why the Swiss Have No Crime

Self Defense is essential to freedom.

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Gun Grandstanding

Retail sales are down sharply. Steel mills are running under 50% capacity. Auto sales have skidded to a stop. Several restaurant chains have shut down. Circuit City has closed, abandoning its newest local location without ever turning on the lights.

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An Ammunition Shortage

In the midst of a hard recession the gun business is booming. The last time sales were this good was during the Brady Bill days of Bill Clinton. So many just feared losing their right to bear arms that many

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Have Gun, Will Travel

The Georgia legislature has passed a law allowing guns to be carried into public parks, public transportation and resturants that serve liquor. Guns will still be banned at the airport. This is not good enough, though for Representative Tim Bearden

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Do We Really Need a .327?

In my new issue of American Rifleman, the magazine of the NRA, the cover story features a Ruger revolver with the new .327 caliber cartridge. The .327 is supposed to be like a .357 caliber with less recoil or kick.

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