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The Purpose of an Education

“In our desire to make sure that our children learn to “adjust” to their environment, we have given them insufficient opportunity to acquire the knowledge that will enable them to master their environment.” “In our attempt to make education “fun”,

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The Next Credit Bubble

In a price update letter from Corey Steel, CEO Paul Darling described abuses in the student loan market. Student loans comprise an 85 billion dollar market, small compared to the mortgage market. Colleges promote certain lenders for fees and consideration.

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Where Else Would You Hold a Course about YouTube?

A college teaches a course about YouTube. The entire course is taught on YouTube. check it out: This site is run by Karl Fisch who produced the popular “Did You Know” video also called “Shift Happens” which has been

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Learning about Education

From the Opinion Journal Political Diary – July 9, 2007 “The eight Democratic presidential candidates assembled in Washington recently for another of their debates and talked, among other things, about public education. They all essentially agreed that it was underfunded

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