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The Aftershock

The media, apoplectic for weeks from hatred displayed in Charlottesville in 2017, lack the same outrage at the depth and scale of the hatred that followed the Hamas attack on October 7.  It is worth noting how often the cry against Zionism quickly turned to plain hatred of Jews.  It has always been a false distinction.  Jewish sympathizers for these attacks on Israel are progressive kapos, selling their soul hoping the alligator eats them last.

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Cancelling Cancel Culture

I always thought identity politics would end badly.  The reaction will not be just about the tolerance of anti-Semitism but will address all the other values that embraced it. 

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History Moves On

“The mystery is why the Palestinians continue to put up with it, and have for so long. They don’t need “days of rage.” They need property rights, free enterprise, the rule of law, and decent government. And nobody would be better pleased to see them have these than the Israelis. “

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When Woke Broke

Social justice grifters in all their forms were easy prey for the Jew haters.  It was just the next logical step. Periods of revisionism and moral ambiguity are breeding grounds for antisemitism and other forms of social and moral rot. 

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Marxian Anti-Semitism

“Democratic political leaders, who have credibility on elite campuses their Republican colleagues lack, have a duty to denounce these spineless university presidents and fomenters of anti-Israel bigotry. Jew-hatred among the cognoscenti has a history of spreading faster than anybody expected.”

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Thoughts on October 7

If Israel and the Jews disappeared tomorrow, do you seriously think this hatred will dissipate and they will peacefully attend to the grinding work of building a civil society?  Who will they then blame for their dysfunction and misery and how will they react?  Do you think their animosities will be contained in their region?

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