From the Wall Street Journal, The Deep State is all Too Real by David Bernhardt:

During my 12 years in government I often saw career bureaucrats push their preferred policy passions irrespective of agencies’ rules, federal regulations or the law. This included career employees needlessly limiting recreational activities in national parks, imposing unneeded burdens on historic preservation and inappropriately restricting activities in the name of species preservation. The list goes on, as does our nation’s departure from representative democracy.

America saw how our partisan bureaucracy works when the New York Post reported on Hunter Biden’s laptop in October 2020. Though the story credibly documented that the Biden family had benefited from profitable influence peddling with foreign interests, 51 former intelligence officials publicly claimed the laptop had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.” The media, along with tech platforms like Facebook and Twitter, then used the letter to justify burying the story.

And buried it was, never mind that the laptop’s contents were genuine, as Hunter has admitted. To make matters worse, the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees have since uncovered that Joe Biden’s presidential campaign helped organize the letter. In other words, a group of primarily career intelligence officials that ought to be disinterested in political matters endorsed a partisan ruse to affect a presidential election.