From Erick Erickson:

Our republic requires trust and order, and trust in that order. Where January 6th breached the order of our republic’s institutions, the Durham report reveals federal agents breached the trust of the system.

It is bad. If people are outraged about January 6th, they should be outraged about the Durham report. I have, overnight, taken note of the vast array of people who cannot bring themselves to care about the Durham report but care greatly about January 6th.

What the Durham report shows is partisans in the non-partisan institutions of the executive branch bureaucracy worked to undermine and spread rumors about a major party presidential candidate and, once elected, continued to undermine that President.

The Durham report shows there was no basis even to begin an investigation into Donald Trump for collaborating with the Russians, but to this day, most Democrats think the Russians handed Trump the election. There is no evidence for that, and the evidence on which the lie is based appears to be exaggerated or fabricated.

To be sure, no lawbreaking occurred. Durham is not choosing to prosecute or recommend anyone for prosecution. Though no laws were broken, trust has been breached. Yet again, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been shamed for its terrible handling of information and investigations. The Justice Department and FBI need to be cleaned up.

Likewise, we now know a lot of the Democrat congressmen on television were lying about information. They were fed falsehoods from the deep state and regurgitated them without basis on television. The entirety of the bureaucracy not just picked a partisan side but then weaponized their powers to undermine a President.

From The Wall Street Journal, FBI Faulted for Its Probe of Russian Meddling in 2016 Campaign:

He concluded the FBI was more cautious and skeptical of allegations of foreign influence on the Clinton campaign than on the Trump campaign in 2016. According to the report, the bureau didn’t aggressively pursue evidence of two instances in which foreign governments were potentially planning to contribute to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign to gain influence. The speed with which the FBI opened the investigation into the Trump campaign “based on raw, unanalyzed, and uncorroborated intelligence also reflected a noticeable departure from how it approached” those other allegations, it said. The FBI provided briefings to the Clinton campaign, the report said, an approach it said stood in contrast to the lack of such briefings provided to the Trump campaign.

From National Review, Partisan Paranoia Runs Roughshod over the Rule of Law, and The Shoddy Russia Investigation.