From Kevin Williamson at National Review, Sabotage! At the Starbucks:

As Milton Friedman once observed, blaming inflation on price increases is like blaming rain on wet streets. Politicians tend to end up with the vector of causality pointing in the wrong direction.

I have a theory that a lot of those old 1960s radicals turned away from left-wing politics for the same reason they stopped taking LSD: It’s like watching the same movie over and over again; they know how it turns out. It is a tragedy in three acts: (1) Utopian idealists come up with The Plan to fix xy, and z. (2) The Plan fails for reasons well understood by F. A. Hayek and Ludwig von Mises and basically everybody except the utopian idealists. (3) The failure of The Plan is blamed on the kulaks, who therefore must be liquidated as a class.

As every good utopian knows, The Plan cannot fail — The Plan can only be failed. And that is how the people-over-profits socialist humanitarians of the 20th century ended up murdering more than 100 million people in the pursuit of fairness and social justice.


This is how the radicals come to devour their own, whether it be Starbucks or Whoopi Goldberg.  The radicals are never wrong and can never be satiated, they must have a satan even if it comes from their own. Robespierre died on the same guillotine he used on the French who dared question the plan for a perfect society.