From Glenn Harlan Reynolds at New York Post, Truckers are starting a working-class revolution — and the left hates it:

A working-class revolution led by the working class is the left’s worst nightmare because the working class doesn’t want what the left wants. The working class wants jobs, a stable economy, safe streets, low inflation, schools that teach things and a conservative, non-adventurous foreign policy that won’t get a lot of working-class people killed. It’s not excited about gender fluidity, critical race theory, “modern monetary theory,” foreign adventures and defunding police.

Worse yet, a huge part of the lefty self-image revolves around feeling superior to the working class and openly expressing disdain for it. One need spend only a few minutes tuning into left media like NPR, CNN or MSNBC to hear the disdain for working-class Americans, inhabitants of “flyover country,” people who live in the middle of nowhere.

That’s why, even as they legitimize and valorize outright rioting and violence by leftist groups, lefties vilify every working-class protest movement, going back before the Tea Party. In Canada, the press even tried to pretend that the thousands of truckers driving to the capital city of Ottawa were actually Russian agents. When that failed, it fell back on its old standard, calling them fascists, Nazi sympathizers and white supremacists.

But nobody believes that because it’s as obvious a lie as the claims about Russians. Leftists talk about race because they don’t want people to notice they’ve been waging class war.


‘Truckers’ Spring’ is a reference to the unplanned uprising in the Middle East we now call the Arab Spring.

Being tone deaf and contemptuous are the two most unforgivable sins.

Hurling extreme invectives like Nazi and white supremacist without objective evidence because it serves a preferred narrative is how the major media channels lost the trust and credibility it once had.

There is a seismic political shift.  The blue collars, long a staple of the FDR Democrats are moving elsewhere. Demographics are less predictable as Hispanics and Asian are no longer default Democratic voters.  Black voters are drifting away even if at a slower pace.  The youth are dependable left leaning voters if they are in college, but less so if they work in the trades.

Corporate executives and high tech billionaires are now dependable Democratic voters. Wall Street and Main Street have parted ways.