From National Review, The New White Flight by Michael Dougherty:

One could charge the white upper middle class of America as committed to a form of ruthless meritocracy in some areas of life and to ruthless egalitarianism in all the others. Debt relief and minimum-lot-size regulations for the households in their neighborhoods. Lawlessness in the name of advancing equality for your neighborhoods. The speech codes that this class invents and adopts in the name of easing the burdens on “the marginalized” are wielded as weapons in an open form of class warfare on the lower-middle-class and working-class kids who do not have the breeding to master that form of politesse.

Now, it would be easy to leave the matter here and end on the summary judgment. Every politically revolutionary class has been populated by the “guilty bourgeoisie,” who are in­capable of handling privilege with grace or success with generosity. Overwhelmingly employed by larger firms, or in the professions, the members of this class lack the confidence or delusion of being self-made. In a strange way, our radicals are institutionalists.