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The “Woke’ Bastardization of Progressivism

The term ‘Progressive’ has come to mean something Theodore or Franklin Roosevelt would never recognize.  A pejorative for dysfunctional policies detached from any accountability or reason.  While I have come to appreciate the aims of Progressivism at its inception, I still recognize the inevitable flaws of permanent government solutions to every conceivable social problem. Perhaps this ‘woke’ bastardization of the term ‘progressive’ was the inevitable outcome from a movement that was incapable of articulating any limits on government power.

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An Excess of Democracy

There was more than just the lack of power that the central government needed to function properly that the current alliance circumvented.  There was also an abuse of democracy that mere modification of the Articles could not address.

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The Threat of Revolutionary Justice

Threats to intimidate and undermine our legal institutions is no different from undermining our electoral institutions.  Systemic racism and CRT and all of their iterations seek to undermine these critical institutions.  Social justice is a poor substitute for real justice, and can easily become its opposite.

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A Carefully Constructed Republic

The critical point is not that we are simply a republic and not a democracy, but that we are a very carefully constructed republic, reflecting an understanding of human nature, with numerous firewalls that are designed to prevent the democracy from degenerating into anarchy and tyranny.

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