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Neo Racist Progressives

The systemic racism canard is not accepted because it delivers justice to minorities but because it serves the agenda of rich white elites.  Serving the wishes of wealthy elites may satisfy the media, but it will not be readily accepted by the working class minorities. Attacking Tim Scott will only drive more minority votes to the GOP.

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Bulverism 2.0

The Civil Rights movement of the 1960s sought an equality that is distinctly different from the identity politics of today. No longer seeking to be ‘as good as’, identity politics seeks to be ‘better than’.  In the binary classification between the oppressed and the oppressor there is no equality.

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Paying Penance to Political Religion

“The rush by corporate leaders to denounce Georgia’s new voting law will rank in infamy as one of the most cowardly, cynical and socially destructive moves in modern American history.”

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The Great Fiction

“Federalism and localism aren’t aesthetic preferences or ideological leanings that come out of nowhere — they are peace-keeping mechanisms necessary to the stable functioning of a diverse society.”

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