From the editors of the Wall Street Journal, The Censorship Party:

Imagine if a pair of Donald Trump’s allies in Congress had sent a letter to cable company CEOs in 2017 blasting CNN and other progressive media outlets and asking why their content is still broadcast. Then imagine that a GOP-run committee in Congress staged a hearing on the societal menace of fake news and the need for government and business to rein in the hostile press.

Also from Kimberly Strassel, Just Asking for Censorship:

“Right now, the greatest threat to free speech in this country is not any law passed by the government—the First Amendment stands as a bulwark,” says Federal Communications Commissioner Brendan Carr. “The threat comes in the form of legislating by letterhead. Politicians have realized that they can silence the speech of those with different political viewpoints by public bullying.”

But don’t doubt that Democrats will escalate their overt demands that companies act as their political enforcers, outsourcing the censorship the Constitution forbids. And don’t buy the excuse that this is “oversight.” As law professor Jonathan Turley told Ms. Eshoo at the hearing: “Making a statement and putting a question mark at the end of it doesn’t change the import of the statement.” This isn’t just asking. It’s an order.


Democracy can also die in broad daylight.

When you have delegitimized the opposition so severely, and when you are think your power is permanent you create powers that will easily be used against you.  Burning the Reichstag was not an act of fascism, the reaction of squelching freedom of the press and other civil liberties clearly was.

A true liberal should be appalled.