From Kevin Williams at National Review, ‘Republicans Pounce,’ Bigly:

It is the Democrats who are willing to undermine our institutions — accepting the incompetence and corruption at the FBI, IRS, NLRB, and more while pouring scorn on the efforts of inspectors general to address such incompetence and corruption. It is the Democrats who are bent on delegitimizing the Supreme Court now that they no longer believe that they can count on it to give them the political outcomes they fail to achieve through elections and legislation. It is the Democrats who now insist that evidence-free accusations are sufficient grounds to disqualify nominees for federal office, that universities and employers should be deputized to enforce political conformism and homogeneity, etc. Does anybody really think the Democrats would be leaning on Facebook if Hillary Rodham Clinton had been victorious in 2016?


I realize no one is a villain in their own eyes and that we can rationalize any means to fit the end if it is important enough.  Our failure to recognize the way we are seen by others and our own failures sacrifices any legitimacy.  Voters will tolerate mistakes, gaffes, and failures, but they will not tolerate contempt.

KW is no fan of Trump, but one can still be critical of Trump and recognize the contempt the Democrats have for the electorate and the process that put him in office and the damage that can come from their lack of restraint.  Instead of restoring their faith in the founder’s vision of limited government, their rage has demonstrated their lack of faith in the electorate and their institutions.