Whatever merits of the case are buried in partisanship.  What handicaps the case is a lack of credibility from the Democrats’ previous fiascos.

The mob outrage from the ‘resistance’ immediately after the election; marching with vagina suits; predicting a racist fascist anti-Semitic nightmare that never came. Predictions from Paul Krugman of a permanent economic collapse was met with new highs in the Dow Jones.

The Kavanaugh hearing brought the outrage mob to the halls of the Senate.  Claims of rape from miscreant liars like Judy Munro-Leighton, Julie Swetnick and Michael Avenatti were given front page credibility by a press that sacrificed fundamental journalistic standards to their role in the resistance, while ignoring legitimate abuse claims against Weinstein and Epstein.  Even the star witness was not credible; Christine Ford’s named witnesses including her best friend Leland Keyser had no recollection of the event or any discussion of it at the time. Experienced sexual crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchel detailed in her report why Ford’s testimony lacked basic credibility.

The Mueller investigation came up empty and Mueller’s testimony after made him and the whole enterprise look foolish.  Routine leaks during the two-year ordeal all promised to drop the bomb that would offer irrefutable evidence of Trump’s collusion.  Every bomb fizzled. Adam Schiff was a common source of the leaks.

Is it any wonder that the public is yawning at the impeachment?  Is it any wonder that the credibility of the accusers and the media that supports them is subject to question?

In their outrage the Democrats are likely to see their efforts backfire again.  If they do not impeach, they look like fools.  If they do impeach, they hand the control of the process over to Mitch McConnell in the Senate where he, not Adam Schiff, gets to decide who is allowed to testify. Mitch is far more politically astute than Adam Schiff and will play it to his party’s advantage.  Six Democratic Senators running for President will be tied down in the Senate during important primaries.  The President is likely to survive, and his ratings will improve just by survival, just as Bill Clinton’s poll numbers improved after impeachment.

By using their big weapon early in the campaign, the Democrats will be in weaker position during the campaign. Adam Schiff will be Pelosi’s fall guy; she warned against impeachment before she succumbed to the mob.  And the Democrats will have yet learned the lesson from their previous fiascos: rage makes you stupid.