“Ambition, impatience, and hurry are often admirable in individuals; but they are pernicious if they guide the power of coercion and if improvement depends on those who, when authority is conferred on them, assume that in their authority lies superior wisdom and thus the right to impose their beliefs on others. I hope our generation may have learned that it has been perfectionism of one kind or another that has often destroyed whatever degree of decency societies have achieved.10 With more limited objectives, more patience, and more humility, we may in fact advance further and faster than we have done while under the guidance of “a proud and most presumptuous confidence in the transcendent wisdom of this age, and its discernment.”11”

Excerpt From: F. A. Hayek & Ronald Hamowy. “The Constitution of Liberty.” Apple Books. https://books.apple.com/us/book/the-constitution-of-liberty/id568083914