From Daniel Henninger at The Wall Street Journal – Has Elizabeth Warren Wrecked the Left?

Ms. Warren has let the cat out of the bag: Progressivism is basically undeliverable pie in the sky. Indeed, by stringing together in detail so many progressive wish lists, she has made clear how difficult, if not impossible, it is for them to survive the most basic tests of political or fiscal plausibility.

Mr. Sanders has always understood this, which is why he has risen by never offering anything more substantive than the wings and prayers of his stirring stump speech. His pitch to millennials and white gentry liberals is wholly emotional.

No wonder Ms. Ocasio-Cortez chose to endorse Bernie. Like him, AOC knows the progressive enterprise is about sailing into power on a river of aspirational rhetoric.


Reform is seductive because the flaws with the status quo are clear and present and the flaws of reform are only theoretical until history surveys the wreckage.  The value of long proven better ideas embedded in our institutions are taken for granted, no longer taught in our schools and universities.  The incredibly lethal combination of arrogance and ignorance of Warren and her acolytes, thinking they possess the requisite knowledge to manage huge segments of the economy from DC better and cheaper is simply stunning.  She is making claims and promises she can not possibly deliver.  Never is the government’s growing role in health care considered part of the problem.

Warren is the epitome of the fatal flaw of our government; promising benefits without paying for them, hiding the costs in a maze of cross subsidies, mandates, taxes, regulations and proxies.  Contending that she can execute this strictly on the backs of the rich is a grotesque lie that only fools would believe.

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Big ideas that expand the government’s power and domain into aspects of our lives where they possess neither the knowledge nor ability to succeed leaves them with only one tool; raw power. Big ideas that come at the expense of bigger and better ideas proven over time are not a sign of progress.