From the WSJ, Bobby Jindal’s Trump Wins Every Democratic Debate:

Many voters will be happy to vote for Mr. Trump because they approve of what he’s accomplished—cutting taxes, deregulating the economy, unleashing domestic energy production, investing in the military, appointing conservative judges and supporting Israel. There will, however, be voters who are not particularly fond of him but will choose him over the Democrats. Far better to bear four more years of Mr. Trump’s mercurial temperament, these voters will rightly conclude, than risk it all on the Democrats’ radical and destructive policies.


The big question when Trump won in 2016 was whether his victory was the result of the rejection of the ideology of the left or the rejection of the deeply flawed Hillary Clinton.  The question few of us considered was if it was the attractiveness of either the character or policies of Donald Trump. Will this awkward choice be replayed in 2020?

Since his election he has attracted or affirmed many followers with his policies and repelled others with his character and style.  Few voters consider the details of policy; they either support what confirms their belief and narrative OR reject whoever offends them more.  Negative sentiments or more powerful than positive and will have a greater effect of voting.

Will the voters be more willing to reject the lunatic policies of the leading Democratic contenders than the flaws of Donald Trump?  It all depends on who you find more offensive?

Fortunately we have a constitution which limits executive power, a feature I had hoped would be recognized and respected by the left with their worst nightmare in office.  The lesson did not take.  The constitution offers little protection from the foolish policies that would be enacted by a socialist president with a compliant Congress.  The damage is worse when you consider the difficulty of rolling back poorly considered benefits.