Identity Politics is just a politically correct form of racism.  We should not be surprised to hear more accusations of racism in response to greater reliance on identity politics as a political strategy.  The more that racism is used as a political weapon the less moral authority it retains.- HO

“The Republicans are the party of the status quo no matter how dysfunctional; the Democrats are for anything but the status quo no  matter how delusional.” from a WSJ letter to the editor- 5/11-12

The progressives replaced a ruling class based on property with a ruling class based on merit and credentialism.  While wealth once led to power, progressivism reversed the dynamics where power would lead to wealth.  The administrative state exchanged expertise for accountability.  They called for greater democracy while they removed greater portions of government from voter accountability. HO

Proper government balances liberty and restraint.  When government pretends to satisfy every want, man will want everything.

Virtue is a blend of humility and power, and thus too rare to depend on as a cohesive force for government.- HO

What is often dismissed as unintended consequences is more often the dismissal of proven sound principles, usually in the name of progress.  HO

Capitalism is the competition of ideas.  It works best when knowledge and power are joined.  Power without knowledge is the dysfunction of the administrative state.- HO

“I see as much misery out of them that move to justify themselves as them that set out to do harm.”  from Deadwood

The strength of a consensus can be measured by its tolerance of dissent.  A consensus with strong factual support is not afraid of skeptics.- HO

Democracy does not only die in darkness; it dies by its own hand in broad daylight.  Crisis and urgency are the easiest tools in the hand of a demagogue to acquire the democratic power to rule. The myth of a general will is used to crush the freedom that democracy claims to champion.  HO

Pragmatism is more important than your ideology, but only if it comports with my ideology.- HO

Great progress comes from the ideas and work of a very few.  Thousands work to undo their progress, usually in the name of perfecting it.  HO