From the National Review, Charles Cooke in Socialism Is Not Democratic:

In the United States, and beyond, we do not think about our democracy in purely procedural terms. While majority rule on certain political questions is indeed deemed imperative, we nevertheless reject the notion that majorities may do whatever they wish, we demand that our institutions leave room for civil society and for individuals, and we insist upon a broad presumption of liberty that extends across all areas of human activity. It is reasonably well understood in this country that to place the word “democratic” in front of, say, “speech restrictions” or “warrantless searches” or “juryless criminal prosecutions” would be in no way to legitimize those things or to make them more compatible with the preservation of a free society.


The desirability of a shit sandwich is not enhanced with condiments.

National Review devoted an issue to Against Socialism, packed with great articles from its best contributors.  This is only one of them.