From the March Commentary, Hate Crime Hoaxes and Why They Happen by Wilfred Reilly:

It is a tragic truth of human history that fake hate crimes have, on more than one occasion, been the precursor to real atrocities. The best-known example is probably the “blood libel” against the Jews. Throughout medieval Europe, Christians started rumors that Christian children were being killed and their blood used in Jewish religious rituals. These stories were, invariably, complete canards. But the false belief that the Jewish people were perpetrating violence against Christians became the inspiration and excuse for the Christians to commit real violence against the Jews—vicious pogroms in which whole Jewish communities were driven out of their homes and many of them killed horribly. 


I recommend reading the whole article.

There are too many incentives for fake hate crimes from the fundraising of the SPLC to supporting the narratives of those who stand to gain politically from the myth of a racist America.  The only solution is to apply the full weight of the law against these imposters. Releasing Smollet from all accountability is the opposite of the correct response.

These fake reports damage the credibility of real crimes, but it also encourage more hate from other groups. The author notes that white groups are emulating the hoaxes perpetrated from the minority group.  The example of the Jews of Europe is the ultimate story of the danger of such false claims.

Reilly notes that the sheer number of false hate crimes is significant and it began before Trump. This desire of the progressive left to relive the social justice victories of the civil rights era of the 1960’s creates a bigger demand for hate crimes than we can supply. They wish to continue fighting a war they have long won.  The are like the Japanese soldiers stranded on a Pacific Island unaware the war is over.