From the April Commentary,  Licensed to Ilhan by John Podhoretz:

Ilhan Omar’s views, and the startling and depressing obeisance they have been granted by the leaders of her party in the House and Senate, spring from these parasitic weeds that are attaching themselves to the Democratic Party root. They are a sign of the implicit progressive rejection of the very melting-pot ideals that have allowed American Jews to be both Americans and Jews. In slandering us, Omar and her ilk slander America.

from the same issue, The Anti-Semitism Apologists by Christine Rosen:

In the case of Representative Ilhan Omar, the House Democratic freshman from Minnesota whose anti-Semitic remarks put Democratic leaders on the defensive just as they regained their majority, the narrative arc appears unlikely to bend toward anything remotely like justice. On the contrary, Omar has emerged from repeated controversies unrepentant and more powerful than before (and retaining her seat on the House Foreign Affairs committee). She and her progressive Democratic supporters did this by changing the narrative about the Democratic party and anti-Semitism—and not for the better. 

That’s how narratives work. The progressive wing of the Democratic Party—including anti-Semitic Omar and her defenders—has succeeded in reverse-mentoring their elders. And unless Nancy Pelosi regains her senses and quietly identifies and supports a primary challenger for Omar in 2020, the Democrats risk making the “different experience in the use of words” of anti-Semites like Omar a permanent stain on their party.