An excellent article from American Thinker, When They Come for the Jews, They Won’t Ask Questions by Caren Besner

Slowly, surely, irrevocably, methodically, step by step, the constraints are removed from the unacceptable — adjusting the population to the various forms of anti-Semitism, from rhetoric to parade floats to refusing to seriously address the issue, defending the perpetrators such as Nation of Islam minister Louis Farrakhan, who called Jews “termites” to leftist media silence.  Anti-Semitism is becoming mainstream.  Jews are fleeing the ever increasing attacks in France, once home to the world’s third largest Jewish population.  Prime Minister Theresa May laments that Jews may have no future in Great Britain as the Labor Party’s overtly anti-Semitic Jeremy Corbyn seeks increased power.  American Jews seem oblivious to the tsunami of anti-Semitism engulfing Europe and poised to take America with the same intensity.

There are leftist Jewish and non-Jewish groups who would disagree with these statistics.  They choose to lump all Republican conservatives and anyone who disagrees with them into the category of right-wing hate-monger extremists.  They ignore the real threat today that comes from an unholy red-green alliance — the Marxist left and Islam.

Using identity politics, victimhood, social justice, racism, anti-Zionism, and anti-Semitism, the radical left seeks power and control.  The new doctrine of “intersectionality” allows leftists to affiliate with other groups they perceive as “oppressed.”  This is why you see anti-Israel and anti-Semitic signs displayed by just about every radical-left group at demonstrations throughout the country.  Therefore, Ferguson, Missouri activists’ placards read, “From Ferguson to Gaza, the struggle continues.”  The vast majority of American Jews who accepted these policies are unable or unwilling to comprehend that their Progressive, liberal, neo-Marxist ideology now seeks to destroy the Jewish state and the Jewish people.

American Jewry is at a crossroads.  The vast majority of American Jews will continue to cling to their familiar ancestral belief system; it’s all they know.  To change now would be to deny everything their family members and they, themselves, have lived for.  But before they bury their heads in the sand once again, they should at least hear these simple truths.  When our enemies came for us during the Holocaust, they did not ask if we were Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, or secular Jews.  Neither were they interested in any past service we rendered for the state.  We were Jews.  That was all that mattered.  If history repeats itself, when our enemies come for us once again, they will not ask if we are Israelis or Zionists.  They will not care if we marched in Selma, Alabama; protested against apartheid in South Africa; supported equal rights for women; advocated for the LBGTQ community; and campaigned for Hillary or Bernie.  It will matter that we are Jews.


The failure to address this problem will only cause it to proliferate. Witness the Democrats boycotting AIPAC- a first.  I saw Obama and Pelosi speak there. The left wishes to put their heads in the sand and contend this is a minority in their midst.  They have not yet learned that passionate minorities rule politics.

Democrats who are offended by every politically incorrect trigger word, who riot like petty fascists rather than allow an alternate view to be expressed, are remarkable silent on the oldest hatred in their midst, supported by the silence of the 25 Jewish kapos in their midst- more afraid of losing their political power than their conscience.