The Blue Wave is barely a ripple.

The visceral reaction to Nancy Pelosi was a big fact in their loss of the House in 2010. Only two years before all the media relegated the Republicans to the dustbin of history.

Nancy Pelosi remains as viscerally objectionable today as she was in 2010. Only today she is joined by Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Ortessa-Cortez, Cory ‘Spartacus’ Booker, Maxine Waters, Bernie Sanders, and now Diane Feinstein. I used to consider Ms. Feinstein a class above the rest of this crowd but she humiliated herself in the Kavanaugh debacle. We are remembered by our last worst act.

I understand Trump also elicits a deep visceral reaction from the left. And they will use that to energize their base. But compared to the Democrat’s recent performance the Republicans look tame. Susan Collins was calm and rationale in her excellent speech to support Kavanaugh. Lindsay Graham came close to a Joseph Welch moment at the Joe McCarthy shit show. Ben Sasse and Nicki Haley are stellar examples of intelligent and rational leadership. The contrast between the Republican Congressional leaders and the Democrats could not be starker.

The screaming and hollering in the Senate and the attacking of Republican leaders in public with their families is appalling to most Americans. It may energize their most lunatic fringe, but it will drive the independents and the undecided in the opposite direction.

In other words, the Democrats have more going against them now than they did in 2010. Trump’s support has grown. Marginal supporters are now strong supporters. Marginal supporters still fear the lunacy of the left more than the shortcomings of Trump.

The GOP is likely to expand their control of the Senate by at least three seats, probably more. The House map favors the Democrats, and most polls predict otherwise, but I predict that they will fail to take the House. This will prove to be more humiliating than losing to Donald Trump. There is no one left to blame but themselves, and they will be busy throwing each other under the bus.

Democrats are acting like lunatics and do not deserve to be trusted with power.