In 1935 the German Reich invoked the Nuremberg Laws, a harsh code that disenfranchised the Jews, later expanded to include gypsies and blacks.

The Nuremberg laws forbade Jews from marrying or engaging in intercourse with Aryans, restricted them from positions in commerce, government and education, and denied them citizenship rights.

What determined if one was Jewish?  The laws had specific lineage requirements.  If you had only one great grandparent who was Jewish, you were one eighth Jewish and considered belonging to the German race and nation and entitled to German citizenship.

Elizabeth Warren claims to be 1/64 Cherokee at best, possibly as little as 1/1024.  If those standards were applied to the Germans, then most of the German army of World War II was probably Jewish. Hitler was likely Jewish under the standards of Elizabeth Warren.

The point is not to compare Ms. Warren to Hitler, but to illustrate the foolishness of her claim. The comparison also raises the question of distinguishing identity politics from outright racism.

The Nuremburg Laws sought to protect the majority Aryan race from the mythical minority threat.  Ms. Warren in her Progressive Bizarro world seeks to protect some mythical oppression of a minority ethnic group from the majority white race.  It is more important for her to identify as one percent (or less) Indian than to face the fact that she is 99%+ white.

The early progressives engaged in eugenics, mistaking the descriptive tools of Darwinism for a delusional prescriptive accuracy.  When the outcome of this thinking was observed in WWII the courses disappeared from our college curriculum.

Decades of social justice to bring equality and integration is being undone by the twisted aims of identity politics.  Segregation becomes acceptable as long as it is at the request of a minority group. In May 2017 Harvard held its first segregated graduation; an all-black event held two days before the main ceremony.

#MeToo competes with #BLM for the Oppression Oscar.   The end game of identity politics is not inclusion, but exclusion.  Identity politics and its ugly stepchild, political correctness, are used to justify violence just as it did in Germany.  Irony is lost on those who call this behavior antifascist.

The Germans carried identity politics to a horrible conclusion. So far Ms. Warren is just a damn fool.