Jim Geraghty at National Review catalogs the failures of the Senate’s virtue Nazis in Democrats, It’s Time to Recognize That Your Kavanaugh Playbook Didn’t Work

And the Democratic Party could do itself a huge favor by disassociating itself from Michael Avenatti forever. The first two accusers at least described plausible scenarios. Julie Swetnick described Maryland high schoolers (Kavanaugh would be 15 going on 16 in the first year of her claims) running something that sounds like it would come out of the time of Caligula or Nero, or Eyes Wide Shut — with dozens of victims and witnesses and no one ever telling a single parent, teacher, police officer, or other authority figure. From Collins’s remarks, this outlandish tale, with zero compelling evidence, horrified her. Wildly implausible claims will only harm future women who come forward with actual cases of sexual assault.

Avenatti greatly damaged their case.  The Senate Republicans strategically referred to him not by name but as ‘that porn lawyer’.  By bringing such extreme unfounded allegations he tarnished the far more believable act contended by Ms. Ford, even if her case had no corroboration.  He also tarnished the credibility of his other client, Ms. Daniels.

Like Sheldon not comprehending sarcasm the Democrats do not comprehend irony.  They teamed with a sleaze-ball porn attorney to get Trump and he damaged any case the Democrats may have had with Ms. Ford.  In their rage to delegitimize Trump they grossly over reached and managed to make him look like the adult in the room, energized the Republican base and likely cost their party a lot of votes in the midterm.

If history is any guide they will learn nothing from the experience.