From Ted Van Dyk at The Wall Street Journal, Democrats Haven’t Turned Back From 1968:

You can see the roots of what is happening now in the habits of 1968, which have been carried on by politicians, journalists and academics who seem unaware that deplorable means do not yield virtuous ends. Democrats and many in media now accuse Mr. Trump of totalitarian methods and objectives. There is much to fault in the Trump presidency, but the totalitarian tendencies appear to flow from our own party. Its present presidential aspirants appear to be emulating Robespierre in their over-the-top denunciations of Mr. Trump and all others they deem unworthy.

What is missing now, among Democrats, is any semblance of a coherent policy agenda directed to the future. Partisan anger is not an agenda. Positive, practical policy proposals constitute an agenda. To get started: peace, prosperity and justice. How can Americans of all parties and persuasions get there together?


underlines are mine