It is counterintuitive to the political neophyte that democracy leads to tyranny, but the framers of the constitution understood this clearly. They understood the positive contribution that came from the aristocracy and monarchy as well as the negative. They also understood that a democracy had great downside risks. Their structure balanced the interests and benefits of the aristocracy (elite), the executive and the common voters. The constitution was designed to limit the ability of any two to counter the third.

Momentary passions can rule for a short time and create demagogues to deliver political salvation. The staggering of terms was designed to mute temporary passions. The House runs every two years, the senate every six, and the president every four. And the Senates terms are further staggered so avoid a wholesale route. Supreme Court justices are completely removed from the electoral process.

When the ruling elite ignore the populace, they rise up as they have in Britain and in the U.S., but the constitution allows this to function stably. John Adams saw a strong executive as a counter weight to the elite or the aristocracy that is an inevitable arm of government and social order.

In other words, Trump is not a threat to the Constitutional order; it is functioning as it should.

The resistance is the establishment. As the comedian said on Gutfeld’s show, they are on the same health care plan as the evil empire.

The belief in a ‘general will’ or the ‘people’s will’ is a myth. It is the calling card of the progressives as well as the socialists and Mussolini’s brand of fascism. We are a collection of interests and factions and the constitution is a system to balance those interests, not to ignore them or oppress them.

Frederick von Hayek saw the myth of the general will. The general will is not deduced from polling and research, it is often dictated by a demagogue. The general will is just a faction that pretends to represent more than the power of the group that it represents. By claiming to be the people’s will it serves to demonize any opposition as being an enemy of the people.

The left is in shock that they do not represent the will of the people. They must seek excuses and conspiracy theories to explain their loss. Russian collusion, gerrymandering, and fake news are all excuses for the failure of democracy to enforce their will on others. Populism is just democracy that rejects the left. They had no problem with the Chinese collusion with Bill Clinton, gerrymandering that calcified their control, or fake news that supports their myths.

Their problem is not Democracy in Chains, but democracy in action. They would be better served to return to the constitution and the republic it was designed for.