The #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter movements are narcissist forms of populism.  Like older populist strains they are unpluralistic and impatient with the normal functioning of government and social institutions to realize their dreams of flawless justice, unequivocal fairness, and identity superiority.  Due process is an obstacle, not a path to justice.

In response to prejudice they just double down on prejudice. Men, especially white men, are to be marginalized and denied the most basic fundamental constitutional rights.  How can one claim to believe Dr. Christine Ford before any evidence is even submitted?  Such a claim means they do not believe Kavanaugh?  A lifetime developing a stellar reputation is to be disregarded on nothing more than an unsubstantiated accusation.

Women have risen in the professions.  The make up almost half of doctors, lawyers, and accountants. The Weinstein scandals of abuse opened up the Pandora’s box of similar tales from political and media executives and celebrities.  These revelations were real, serious, and dealt with severely as they should have been.

But #MeToo failed to articulate its limits, as these movements tend to do, and in doing so left a gray area that occupies a large part of the sexual tension between men and women.  Inevitably it was doomed to go too far.

Christine Ford was just another tool used by the Democrats to block another Trump court appointee. She was a pawn. Straining to make a case, Feinstein abused Senate norms by sitting on the letter, and the #MeToo fanatics overplayed their hand by suspending the norms of justice.

What voters see is not another female victim of a predatory executive, but a male victim of innuendo and accusation. Justice is not served; it is betrayed.

While they could picture their sisters, daughters, aunts or mothers victimized by a Weinstein, Lauer, Ailes, O’Riley, or Moonves; they can also see their sons, husbands, and fathers have their otherwise stellar reputations destroyed with unsubstantiated accusations made to serve nothing more than political ambitions. Justice be damned.

Social justice was a critical success of the second Progressive Era which included the Civil Rights era of the 1960’s.  The Progressives today are threatened by the success of FDR and LBJ to reduce absolute poverty and bring social justice to women and minorities.  In the absence of new frontiers of social justice, they are reduced to slaying smaller and smaller dragons.

These movements gained a power that is too seductive.  Like any power that is poorly defined it is subject to abuse as the Senate Democrats have proven.  By hijacking the #MeToo movement in their shameless pursuit of political power they have destroyed the movement’s credibility.