Ex-Senator Barbara Boxer has lowered the standard of guilt. ‘What We Saw Today Is Someone Who You Could Now See Attacking A Woman’ she surmised after Kavanaugh’s testimony. He looked guilty; case closed.

Because Kavanaugh was visibly upset and angry he was guilty and lacked the temperament of a judge.

If Kavanaugh was emotionless she would have concluded he was heartless and incapable of empathy.

The left is better arguing at an emotional level.  They are caught off guard when emotions are used as a weapon against them.  The right is usually inept at this.

Women who have been through assaults understand memory lapses and missing details. They can easily empathize with Ms. Ford.  But this does not remove the most basic legal protections and overturn due process. These are fundamental institutions that make us a civilized society.  Occasionally the guilty may go free, but the protection of the innocent is primary.  Guilty until proven innocent, proof, corroboration, and due process are not casual constructs to be jettisoned in the face of impassioned movements like #MeToo.

The willingness to compromise critical institutions is a great threat to our nation.  In the absence of these institutions we are left with nothing but government and arbitrary power.  Justice is the first victim.

We either have due process or we do not.  Clarence Thomas was no different.  Ted Kennedy’s opening speech on Bork was hysterical and unnecessary, even if it was successful.  (do you see a pattern here) If we are to judge these men by mere accusation and believability we head toward Stalinism- where accusation is guilt. Believability as a standard is based on partisan leanings. We believe what substantiates our existing view.  We believe what we want to believe, what gives us comfort and confirmation.  The point of our legal system is to rise above this not institutionalize it.

We grownups learn to live with hypocrisy but the women who came to the Senate after the Clarence Thomas hearings, including Ms. Boxer, did not stand up for Clinton’s accusers. These women came from “dragging $100 bill through a trailer park, ” and “a vast right-wing conspiracy.” And there is this gem from Biden on an FBI investigation into Thomas  

Thomas had an FBI investigation and they still believe Hill.   It is no wonder no one wants to waste time on one now. There is no outcome that would change a single Democratic vote. They vowed to oppose him before they even knew his name.  This entire sham of a hearing, including Ms. Ford, was orchestrated for disruption and delay. Watch as the investigation Flake has obtained is deemed inadequate.