From Mark Perry at Carpe Diem,    Quotation of the day on capitalism as a naturally occurring, self-organizing organic phenomenon….

…. is from Michael Rothschild’s book Bionomics: The inevitability of capitalism (later titled Bionomics: Economy asecosystem), bold added:

The market economy, the free enterprise system, or capitalism – whatever you choose to label it – was not planned. Markets just happen among humans, and they will keep on happening. Quite spontaneously. Enterprise flourishes whenever it is not suppressed, because it is a naturally occurring organic phenomenon. It is the way human society organizes itself for survival in a world of limited resources.…..

Socialism collapses because it is a policy of unrestrained intervention. It tries to fix what is “wrong” with the spontaneous, self-organizing phenomenon called capitalism. But, of course, a natural process cannot be “fixed.” Socialism is an ideology. Capitalism is a natural phenomenon.

MP: If only Sen. Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and their millions of followers could understand that their ideology is evil, flawed and doomed to fail. I think it was Walter Williams who once said something like “Socialism works. As long as you know everybody’s name.” In other words, the ideology of socialism might work within a family, household unit or small tribe. But once you move to an entire society with millions of individuals, households, and firms, the ideology of socialism with its interventions and “fixes” collapses and leads to poverty,


While trade is a normal process, so are tribal barriers and human flaws. Conservatism requires institutions to tame these obstacles. This is the main point of The Suicide of the West by Jonah Goldberg.  Socialism’s flaw is the belief that it scales to the volume of modern society. It simply does not.  Socialism is ideology of the past.  It is more similar to monarchy and feudalism than democracy.

By acknowledging human flaws and addressing them, conservatives permit human potential to flourish.  By seeking a non existent perfection socialists require central control and power that frustrates human potential and growth.

Socialists love humanity, but  have little empathy for the individuals within it.