from Jonah Goldberg at National Review, Why Racism Begets More Racism

You can come up with as many polysyllabic explanations as you like for why it’s okay for you to mock, demonize, or ridicule white people. You can prattle on to your Ph.D. adviser’s content about how whiteness is a social construct that needs to be dismantled. But maybe you should have the simple decency and common sense to understand that many people won’t see it that way, because the net effect of your “counter-trolling” is that it leads to the opposite of your stated goal: You are making white people feel threatened, and, as a result, you’re making at least some of them more racist. You are making whiteness a thing. And you are blaming today’s white people for things they never did. Just as the old lady at the bank did to that poor bank teller.


Great observation. White people do not generally think of themselves as white people. They are more like to describe themselves by their country, ethnic origins (Italian American), their religion or even their region or city.  I’m from Chicago or the South.  They may even describe themselves by their profession or work.  “I’m a carpenter”.  “I’m a doctor.” Only a very few of the most hard core alternate right consider their whiteness to be a part of their identity.

But by making whiteness an acceptable target, they make white people think of themselves as white.  Being a hated group brings cohesion to that group.

Identity politics only works when another identity is excluded. It only exists in opposition.  Identity politics is racist.