from the WSJ,  Is Brett Kavanaugh Bad for the Jews? by Liel Liebovitz:

You hardly have to be a national organization dedicated to fighting anti-Semitism to realize that the threats to Jews these days come as fiercely from the left as they do from the right. When anti-Israeli activists slip fake eviction notices under the dorm-room doors of Jewish students at New York University, and a popular progressive running for California’s Assembly hails Louis Farrakhan, it is crucial that any watchdog rise to address bigotry no matter its partisan origins.

By focusing increasingly on the battles of the Democratic Party, and by weighing in on matters far removed from its traditional mandate, the ADL is leaving American Jews behind. The dangers we face these days are real, as the ADL itself is quick to report. We need a principled organization committed to meeting threats wherever they arise and practically positioned to do so, not another feeble voice in the hallelujah chorus of progressive dogma.


The ADL suffers from mission creep.  While anti-Semitism is the last acceptable bigotry, the ADL chooses to expand its mission to fighting hate in all its forms. Anti-Semitism is developing much deeper roots in the left. The ADL ignores this in the pursuit of a political agenda that subverts its true mission.