“Fuck Trump” yells a Hollywood icon in prime time and gets a standing ovation.

“Feckless Cunt” comes from the mouth of a humorless comedienne.

“His mouth is only useful as a pocket for Putin’s cock,” tries another late night comedian.

Speaking truth to power is just a juvenile stunt holding up a dummy severed head of the president, and then crying like a brat when your audience is offended.

This crass incivility does not end with words. Sarah Sanders is asked to leave a restaurant because of her association with Trump.

Seth Rogin happily signs autographs for a couple of fans until he realized they are the children of Paul Ryan.  He then rudely berates Paul Ryan in front of his kids.

Peter Fonda wishes Trump son is housed with a pedophile in a cage.  Trump’s grandchildren are threatened.

The left has lost any ability to acknowledge legitimate disagreement and remain civil.  When issues are framed in tones of moral absolutism there is no other side; there is just good and evil. This incivility reduces their power of persuasion and hardens the resolve of their opposition.  When offensiveness is your key tactic you will lose more independent election deciders than you gain.

Language matters, and demonization sanctions violence. ‘Crazy’ and its cousins, ‘rage’ and ‘anger’, is an uncontrollable ally and will likely turn on you, and when it does you will not be able to avoid responsibility.

The left does not bother to get the whole story; they stop when it fits their view, which today is centered on the satanic Trump. They are so self-assured of their righteousness and so quick to affirm it by making their opponent the epitome of evil that they have failed to recognize their own evil in the mirror staring back at them. No one is a villain in their own eyes, but history will hold you accountable nonetheless.

The French were convinced of their moral superiority when the guillotine blades dropped.  When everyone becomes evil, you will become evil too.

Words of violence become acts of violence. Every soul who stood and applauded for Robert DeNiro is as guilty as he is.  A true liberal should be appalled.