Black sportscaster Jason Whitlock supported Kanye West’s recent support of Donald Trump in today’s WSJ,  Kanye Had One off the Best Tweets of All Time.

The turbulent and assassination-scarred 1960s created an acute leadership void in black America. The Democratic Party capitalized by promising black people government dependency disguised as assistance. The welfare check, the replacement for black fathers, is liberalism’s nicotine. Hollywood celebrities were once deployed by advertising companies to make smoking seem cool; today, they are deployed by liberal interest groups to make progressive politics seem like the only solution to black people’s problems.

No other ethnic group is chained to a single political ideology. Hispanics, whites and Asians actually make political parties compete for their support. Maybe Mr. West is trying to warn us of the dangers of Democratic cigarette addiction?

Here’s the tweet just before his now infamous President Trump tweet: “Free thinkers don’t fear retaliation for your thoughts. The traditional thinkers are only using thoughts and words but they are in a mental prison. You are free. You’ve already won. Feel energized. Move in love not fear. Be afraid of nothing.”

Black people have no reason to fear political free agency.


Perhaps Kanye is just finding attention before his new release.  But he could also be a threat to the Democratic lock on the black vote.

Just as the working class whites shifted just enough to cost Hillary the election, Kanye may be speaking for blacks who are demonized as Uncle Toms if they leave the liberal plantation.

Hillary’s contempt for the deplorables was mirrored by Maxine Waters who admonished Kanye for  speaking “out of turn.” Can you imagine the outcry if a white showed such contempt for a black celebrity?

Maxine Waters is 79.  Kanye is 40.  Who represents the future of the Democratic party?