What Conservative Women Can Learn About Liberals From the Way They Treat Dana Loesch- by John Hawkins at Townhall:

Liberalism is no longer about winning arguments. It’s about intimidating people into silence. Shutting people up. De-platforming them. Doing whatever it takes to make sure that only the liberal opinion is considered because liberalism can’t win in a fair fight of ideas. So, liberal colleges allow students to storm the stage or riot to shut up conservative speakers. Social media platforms are finding ways to shut up conservatives. Organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center get paid to falsely brand conservative groups as hate groups. Newspaper and networks other than Fox primarily run squishes and liberals masquerading as people on the Right as their “conservative” voices. Conservatives are treated as pariahs in Hollywood and in schools. Political correctness, cries of “racism” and setting up “safe spaces” are today PRIMARILY about shutting down debates that liberals would rather not have. Along those same lines, going after the children of conservative women, abusing those women and threatening them with rape fits right in with everything else liberals are doing.


It is a shame we lost the word ‘liberal’ to modern fascists.