by Henry Oliner

I confess a certain demented joy in seeing the left eat its own in the avalanche of sexual predatory behavior burying its favorite icons.  When hypocrisy is illuminated, the light can be blinding.

Short of actual rape the behavior can range from threats and intimidation to jokes in bad taste. Are we to judge the behavior of a grown man last week equal to the same man in his youth thirty years ago?

Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher originated on Comedy Central and was a much different show before it went to HBO.  He would have voices from both sides of the political spectrum with much less of the political bias that currently infects the show.

On one episode the quartet was discussing a recent article about an Air Force bomber commander having an affair with a woman on his crew. When discovered the woman was reassigned. Debate started on why she was transferred instead of the predator.  In the same news cycle Republican Henry Hyde had been outed for an affair he had thirty years ago. The question raised was whether Henry Hyde should be held to the same standard for an act three decades old.

Defending Henry Hyde was evangelical preacher Jerry Falwell ( a frequent guest on the show).  His whole ministry, he explained, was based on the notion that a sinner could repent and move on.  If we were to forever hold everyone accountable for every sin, the act of redemption would become futile.

I was struck by the unexpected twist that the liberal on the panel (I forget who it was) was intolerant of the sexual indiscretion and the arch conservative evangelical Jerry Falwell was the forgiving one.

I do not condone sexual harassment, but I also do not condone criminalizing every youthful indiscretion at the apex of a career.

Democrats lost all moral authority on the issue when they demonized the women who accused Bill Clinton. It is one thing to voice support for Bill on his policies and still condemn his personal behavior.  It is quite another to describe his victims as the result of “dragging a $100 bill through a trailer park”.

When Time magazine White House correspondent Nina Burleigh declared   “I’d be happy to give him [oral sex] just to thank him for keeping abortion legal,” what kind of message did she and her magazine think she was sending to young women? ‘As women, we owe powerful men our gratitude as submission.’

The left is reaping what they sowed. The insanity of political correctness, like all insanity, is hard to contain.