from my article in American Thinker a few weeks ago, The fatal attraction of single-payer

Reform is seductive.  It is like the curvy woman with the soft voice you met at the bar.  The next thing you know, you have a boiled bunny in your kitchen.  The faults of the status quo are always clear, even when the causes of these faults are not.  The successes of reform are promising but unconfirmed.  It is the choice between the chemo that has been used for decades with a 30% chance of success and the new discovery with great hype but little empirical data.

It is a stunning irony that to justify single-payer and other market restrictions, such as certificate of need for new hospitals, the progressives use the same justification as the robber barons of the Gilded Age, when they created vast trusts and monopolies to better serve their customers.

Progressivism, developed to protect us from the commercial special interests, has become the special interest that threatens us.  The single payer decides which health care administrator, new life-saving product, or treatment facility lives or dies.  J.P Morgan and John Rockefeller would be envious.