from Karl Rove in the Wall Street Journal,  The Democrats’ Impeachment Mania

By asserting a president should be removed from office over policy differences, Mr. Steyer has done more than trivialize impeachment. He helps move America closer to the tyranny Mr. Trump is accused of having brought about. Still, his pressure for Democrats to join his banana republic-style coup will hurt many of that party’s candidates in close contests, regardless of their answer.

I’m reluctant to give advice to Democrats, but their growing impeachment chorus will damage their party’s standing in next year’s midterms. Many independent voters who supported Mr. Trump in 2016 have been turned off by his behavior in office but applaud his policies. Democrats who promise they would use a congressional majority to impeach the president will only repulse these independents.

Democrats cheer when their national party chairman calls Mr. Trump an “existential threat” to America and history’s “most dangerous president.” Yet these overwrought comments could turn off swing voters, especially if they have Republican choices on the ballot who come across as focused on making the nation more prosperous, united and secure.


I share many of the concerns over Trump, but the hyperbole and illiberalism used in response is counterproductive.  Policy disagreement and leadership style is no cause for impeachment. Nor is it a symptom of a pathology requiring his removal.  The Democrats are suffering today from tools they created that they arrogantly and blindly could not foresee in the hands of a Trump.  Their response seems to be to create more tools that are potentially more dangerous than the problem at hand.