I feel like I am channeling my dad when I say that the more I read and think I know, the less I understand what is going on, especially in politics.

I have not bought into the defenders of Trump who contend that he is playing three-dimensional chess when he says something that many think is just outrageous and stupid.  I just think Trump refuses to be intimidated by politically correct accusations. He seems almost driven to intentionally be politically incorrect. He is also blessed by an opposition that is easily baited by his words and reacts with hyperbole that leaves them defending the undefendable.

One should never mud wrestle with a pig. The pig is better at it and likes the mud.  Trump seems to be mud wrestling with Kim Jong-un. Only time will tell how this works out. Which one is the pig is a matter of perspective. At least Trump has ended the charade that the three previous administrations perpetuated. Trump may be criticized or praised, but we should be asking how we let this mad man in Korea possess such power, long before Trump was a factor.

I do not believe Trump is a racist. His statement in Charlottesville may not have been of my choosing and the alt right may have been found them somewhat supportive, but they are not a significant factor in either his campaign or the election. Way too much was read into his statement and the left ended up supporting the Antifa which is similarly reprehensible.

I think the president is too important an office to weigh in on the NFL and their protests. I prefer the president to stick to politics and athletes and actors to stick to their craft.  His attacks have now turned Kaepernick into a hero and the protest against the government has now become a protest in favor of free speech.

The fans were already speaking. My gut tells me that sports viewers probably lean conservative so getting political at all is bad for business.  For a look at how various sports fans vote: Your Politics Are Indicative Of Which Sports You Like

Once again the left appears baited and is now defending the NFL protesters and the politicization of everything. By elevating the issue Trump has invited a reaction and unified the opposition, but they have unified around an issue that is unpopular with Trump supporters and will likely help Trump and hurt the NFL even more.

This is consistent with Trump as the opposite of libertarian. He is socially conservative and economically liberal. He is functioning more like a successful third party who caucuses with the Republicans.