From The Wall Street Journal, Why the Left Can’t Let Go of Racism by Shelby Steele

So today there is sweetness at the news of racism because it sets off the hunt for innocence and power. Racism and bigotry generally are the great driving engines of modern American liberalism. Even a remote hint of racism can trigger a kind of moral entrepreneurism.

The great problem for conservatives is that they lack the moral glibness to compete with liberalism’s “innocence.” But today there are signs of what I have called race fatigue. People are becoming openly cynical toward the left’s moral muscling with racism. Add to this liberalism’s monumental failure to come even close to realizing any of its beautiful idealisms, and the makings of a new conservative mandate become clearer. As idealism was the left’s political edge, shouldn’t realism now be the right’s? Reality as the informing vision—and no more wrestling with innocence.


Far more violence is being committed from the left. Far more infringements of civil rights are being imposed from the left.  Why is the act of a crazed Nazi indicative of a resurgence of the ultimate sin from the right, but the shooting of 12 police (5 killed) and two civilians  in Texas a year ago by a BLM activist, the shooting of a Republican Congressman by a Bernie Sanders fan, the staging of a severed head of the president by Kathy Griffin,  and a re-enactment of Julius Ceasar stabbing a Trump look-a-like is not representative of  the obvious odorous rot coming from the left?