Inequality is a core political controversy, usually referring to inequality in wealth or income, concepts which are not synonymous.  We tend to equate inequality in income with inequality in power, but that does not always hold true.  If it was the great progressive trend in the welfare state and redistribution would not have occurred.

But there is one part of our lives that is always equal:  time.  We all get 24 hours a day, which we get to choose how to spend. Even when incarcerated, one has some control.  This leads me to one of my pet peeves:  people who insist on stating how busy they are.

Are they bragging?  Complaining?  Admitting that they have no self-discipline or self-control to manage their own life? Are they trying to tell you that you are not important enough for them to spend time with?

When you cannot keep an appointment, return a call, or finish a job and the reason is because you are sooooooooooo busy, all I hear is how unimportant I am to you.

We all get 24 hours a day to spend as we choose.