Every time a snarky comedian confuses cynicism with wit, rage with concern, and smugness with intelligence…. Samantha Bee, Bill Maher, Steven Colbert…….

Every time their hypocrisy is lit up like a Las Vegas billboard, with audio track loud enough to be heard for miles….. remember the drone of ‘mean spirited Republicans’ blamed for inciting violence when you view the Kathy Griffin video, or the Trump murder fantasy hiding in plain view in a Shakespeare in the Park play of Julius Caesar.

Every time another college snowflake riots to stop free speech on a college campus, or whines about his fucking safe space…….

Every time Hillary Clinton blames everything except her substantial character flaws, contempt, smugness, self-dealing corruption, terrible campaign management, endless lies, awful policy prescriptions, and terrible record in office…….

Every time Kamala Harris refuses to allow Jeff Sessions, or anyone else she interrogates from her Senate seat to answer her questions unless they immediately confirm her preconceived answer…….

Or every time they howl in outrage over issues of confidentiality  from Jeff Sessions that they willingly accepted from Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch…

Every time Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Maxine Waters, or Harry Reid get in front of a microphone…..  (I intentionally gave a pass to Schumer and Feinstein, because relative to the others I find them at least tolerable or legitimate opposition)

Every time some media hack misleads by reporting only part of the story and every time some halfwit supporter on Facebook or Twitter passes along information they do not understand,,,,

Every time…..

We are constantly reminded that Donald Trump is president not because he is so great, but because he was deemed better than the opposition. In the minds of many voters, regardless of his many flaws and faults, he still is.