Kathy Griffin’s offensive display with a fake severed head of President Trump was made even more pathetic by her whining victimhood display afterwards. She tried to blame those white men who keep oppressing women like her.

How dare you be offended at my intentional offense!  Her attempt to turn the victim into the offender is classic gaslighting, the use of psychological means to make a victim question their own sanity.

I realize there is a little hypocrisy in all of us and the Democrats are quick to contend that the other side does this too. There are outrageous comments from the right, but it is time to call bullshit on this false equivalency. Can you image the depth of outrage of this stunt had been directed at Hillary, Elizabeth Warren, Pelosi, Obama or any other Democrat.

The New York Times tried to equate the recent Scalise shooting with Sarah Palin and the Gifford shooting in Tucson. David French at National Review properly refuted it:

Yesterday’s shooter, James Hodgkinson, left little doubt as to his political leanings and his political motivations. He was a vocal Bernie Sanders supporter, belonged to Facebook groups with names such as “Terminate the Republican Party” and “The Road to Hell is paved with Republicans,” and he was constantly sharing angry anti-GOP messages and memes. Before opening fire, he reportedly asked whether the players on the baseball field were Democrats or Republicans. In other words, all available signs point to an act of lone-wolf progressive political terrorism.

Also in National Review Kevin Williamson destroys this sense of equivalency in From Americans to Americans:

That being said, the actual immediate problem of political violence in the United States is overwhelmingly and particularly a problem belonging to the Left. This is not a “both sides do it” issue: Paul Krugman can speak on any college campus in this country without enduring mob violence and organized terrorism — Charles Murray cannot. There is not anything on the right like the mass terrorism behind the Seattle riots of 1999 or the black-bloc riots of the day before yesterday. The Democratic party, progressive organizations, and college administrations have some serious political and intellectual housekeeping to do here — but, instead, they are in the main refusing to acknowledge that they have a problem. The line between “Punch a Nazi!” and “Assassinate a Republican congressman!” is morally perforated.

The new hero of the left, Kamala Harris, demonstrates her gaslighting chops in her interrogation of Jeff Sessions.  When her rudeness and badgering is addressed by the chair, she became the victim. How dare you call her rude for her rudeness and constant interruption of the Attorney General; you must be a racist and a misogynist.

Rudeness, unreason, and perpetrating false equivalencies are justified as free speech. It is just a form of political gas lighting.