From Jonah Goldberg at National Review, Politics Enters the Fast Lane:

Oh, there is one point I want to make about Nancy Pelosi, other than the fact that she always looks like she just left a Ludovico treatment session and her eyes haven’t readjusted. Last night on Special Report, I’m not sure I made a point the way I intended (I’d check the video, but my Internet connection in the BWI parking garage is less than ideal and I got a late start, and I’m lazy). What I was trying to say is that Nancy Pelosi’s brand outside of solidly liberal districts is worse than the GOP’s. The reason I think I said it wrong, is that the lovely and talented A. B. Stoddard corrected me by pointing out that Democrats do better on the generic ballot than Republicans do. That’s certainly true.

But Nancy Pelosi is not generic. She’s literally a San Francisco Democrat and a known quantity. When you say “Democrat” to people, they might think of Pelosi, but they also might think of John F. Kennedy, or Bill Clinton, or “not Donald Trump,” or “not the GOP.” But when you say, “Nancy Pelosi,” even many independents react like the guys at Delta House when Flounder’s picture appeared on the screen. They think of the smug, condescending, social-engineering side of the Democratic party. That’s why Handel could so effectively use Pelosi against Ossoff. A vote for him was a vote to get Pelosi one step closer to running the House of Representatives.


Under Nancy Pelosi’s leadership the Democrats lost the House, the Senate, the Whitehouse, and most state governments. Yet their first response to the shock of a Trump victory was to return her to leadership.

What a quagmire for the Dems.  On one hand she is an incredible fundraiser; but she is toxic and unable to win the political middle that they must have to actually win elections.

Pelosi is only the face of the problem. The problem is party wide. It is the party of hate, derangement, political violence, illiberalism, identity politics, hyperbole, political correctness, contempt, and elitism.

If Pelosi stepped aside her shoes would be quickly filled by Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris (the Dems’ new rock star), Maxine Waters, or even Hillary Clinton. Hollywood and the stand up cynics (who have sacrificed any remaining humor to their cynicism) drive voters to any alternative- even Trump.

The problem isn’t Pelosi, it is what she represents that too many Democrats are too willing to accept.