by Henry Oliner

The Kathy Griffin episode is another in a line of media double standards. One only must imagine what the response would have been if the tastelessness was a conservative holding a decapitated head of Obama. She crossed a line and lost support of Anderson Cooper and Al Franken, but with little of the ferocity that would have accompanied such a transgression from the right.

To even consider this display, much less execute it, requires a detachment that is common in Hollywood where fantasy is confused with reality, wealth is confused with intelligence, and cynicism is confused with comedy.

To carry her apology to victimhood, however, is laughably pathetic.  I do not like whining from children, much less spoiled rich cynics from show business. And why does this display require the presence of your attorney except to provide her with a free ad that does not even deserve space on the side of a bus?

To equate the revulsion with the bullying from white men only expands her potential for offensiveness to women with legitimate grievances.  Does she really think that rich white men could give a shit about her career?

The Trump outrage industry reached critical mass too soon. The left deludes themselves that such performances are speaking truth to power.  They are only speaking to themselves and they are fools.  Each display of rage is tolerated and inspires a progression of greater outrages.  Stephen Colbert’s obscenity on network television is applauded, and the head of the Democratic Party, Tom Perez, dispenses with civility the moment he has the mike.

Hillary Clinton compounds her humiliating defeat with victim hood and excuse mongering. Responsibility, civility and maturity are increasingly hard to find in their party.

Hyperbole and outrage are the Democrat’s kryptonite. As bad as Trump may look to them, they manage to make themselves look even worse to the voters outside of their bubble. As Peggy Noonan wrote, Trump is lucky in his enemies.  The more they tolerate and empower the likes of Colbert and Griffin, the better Trump looks to the rest of America.