Intolerance and demonization of dissent is too common on American college campuses and the despicable behavior at Middlebury in Vermont to the speaking engagement of Charles Murray is indicative of a cultural and intellectual rot from much of the left.  Read about this display here, here and here.

To his credit, Obama has spoken against this kind of behavior, but the reaction from either the right or left is grossly insufficient.  The left tacitly rationalizes it or minimizes it as an extreme element. The right is outraged but demands no further action.

The students should be criminally charged and expelled from college without a refund.

If the college president is unwilling to stop this form of violence he/she should resign.  If they need state or federal assistance they should ask for it.

If the college is either unable or unwilling to stop this behavior they should have any federal funding and their accreditation threatened.

I would expect the attraction to students and alumni donations will suffer. It should.

If my liberal friends still suffering from their Trump Derangement Syndrome are still unable to comprehend Trump’s appeal you need to look no further than Middlebury and hundreds of other similar performances of intolerance on our campuses.  As objectionable as many conservatives find Trump they find the illiberalism of the left as amply displayed in Middlebury to be far worse.