Before the election there was a very small group who called for Texas to secede from the Union.  There was never any real chance of this proceeding but it made for amusing divisive stories in the press.  It fulfilled the stereotypes some had of Texas and the South.

Today there are stories about elements of the wounded elite calling for California’s secession; also not very likely, but certainly a distinct shift.

Hillary’s concession speech referred to the famous reply from Benjamin Franklin when asked what form of government the framers selected; “A republic if you can keep it.”  This was a quote you would have more likely heard from a conservative before the election.

The left is discovering constitutional limits on executive power; a subject they chose to ignore for the last eight years.  I try to console my liberal friends in their post Trump depression by suggesting that they will now witness the true power of our constitution.

If Trump puts constitutionalist conservatives on the court the left will discover the wisdom of states’ rights.

Trump’s election heralds a political change that is rare.  Like other historical pivots the causes were brewing well in advance, but the outcome is a change in the way the parties function and identify themselves.

Democrat’s power has been eroding since the congressional elections of 2010. The decline of the elites has also been in play. Their rejection is the brightest light of democracy seen in some time.

The framers saw the need to limit democracy.  Perhaps now the progressive left which has long seen majoritarian democracy as a higher value than constitutional liberty will rethink that as well. Criticizing the electoral college is not an effective solution. Hillary feared she would win the electoral vote but lose the popular vote and cause her victory’s legitimacy to be questioned.  What would have been the electoral skeptic’s response to that?

The left has been far more concerned with the acquisition and use of power than any constitutional constraints that each of them swore to uphold.  This will likely change as well.

All of this assumes that Trump will be able to deliver on his promises.  The left is torn between concern if he fails or if he succeeds, They would be better served to read the constitution and books about its origins.